Chemical risk andoccupational exposure to chemical agents are major issues for the French public authorities. Many workers are exposed to different chemical agents in their work environment. To ensure that their health is respected, thecompany must control the level of exposure of these employees to dangerous pollutants.

We assist industrialists and/or local authorities in monitoring and measuring the exposure limit value (ELV) of their employees throughout the year.

The MAPE experts define the Homogeneous Exposure Groups (GEH) and the sampling strategy in agreement with the different prevention actors of your establishment and then carry out the technical controls in order to verify compliance with the VLEP in accordance with the order of 15-12-2009.

We also intervene within the framework of specific requests such as: verification of a work environment at a fixed point, measurement of a pollutant on a specific work phase with a view to evaluating the chemical risk.

Accreditation COFRAC sampling and analysis (scopes 1-6837 and 1-1678 available on

Flexible scope in sampling and analysis

Member of the AFNOR X43C commission

Analyse - MAPE


Regulatory and contract analysis :

Respirable, alveolar or thoracic dusts

Oil mists


Mineral acids


Flue gas

Nitrogen trichlorides

Specific VOCs: Amines, Aldehydes, Phenol, Ketones...

VOC screening

Molecule on demand...

Contôle - MAPE


Elaboration of the strategy of measures and the GEH

Technical controls on operators (regulatory framework, process study, accident/incident)

Declaration of compliance with the OEL

Characterisation of a working environment

Confirmations of whether or not the DNEL has been exceeded (link to SDS and REACH regulations) 

Identification of pollutants by screening

Intervention and expertise in accidental contamination areas.