Witha view to sustainable development, national and international directives set objectives for reducing and limiting air pollution linked to atmospheric emissions from various activities (industry, transport, etc.).

MAPE can help you to comply with these standards by carrying out the periodic inspections required by the regulations, and can assist you in characterising your installations.

It is also a question of identifying sites whose pollutants impact the nearby geographical environment by analysing atmospheric deposition measurements.

Accreditation COFRAC 1-6837, domain LAB REF 22

Approval from the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity

Member of the Afnor X43B commission

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Verification of compliance according to the texts in force

Technical control

Installation characterisation

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Help with setting up QAL3

Semi-continuous dioxin management

Spillover monitoring :


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Sulphur dioxide

Flue gas

Specific VOCs (screening, phenol, amines, aldehydes ....)